Post Strategic Plan Services


How else can we help you?

Unless you’re running a cruise ship you need all hands on deck to implement your plan.

How quickly can you implement it?

That depends on how many of your employees become “crew”, and how many remain just passengers!

We can help you with these services.

Align your organization and people with your new strategy to accelerate implementation

  • Aligning your organizational structure with the business model in your new strategy will make everything about executing your strategy easier and faster
  • Alignment sessions create understanding and support of your strategy among your board, managers, and employees beyond the strategy team
  • Departmental or Divisional planning sessions engage departments or divisions in aligning their plans to accelerate and support the execution of your new strategy
  • Franchisee strategies help franchisees accelerate their implementation of changes to the franchisor’s strategic plan
  • Work team planning sessions engage work teams in embedding the corporate strategy into their day-to-day work
  • Board Governance Workshops help boards to govern and monitor a new strategy with all its changes in focus

Accelerate the execution and evolution of your strategic plan

We can help increase your growth rate by managing your execution brilliantly!

  • Periodic (e.g. monthly or quarterly) implementation reviews with your executive team.
  • Annual strategy update sessions to help evolve your strategy faster based on how your situation has changed over the past year.

Quickly tackle major changes that need special attention and acceleration

We can help you to prioritize and resolve major blocks to your progress.

  • Facilitated change-planning sessions accelerate major projects, structure, or systems changes needed to fully benefit from your new strategy.
  • Climate sessions accentuate the positive aspects of your company culture to magnify the benefits of your strategic plans
  • Management Training sessions help your managers to lead, coach, facilitate and engage their teams so they cease being “command and control” managers and start being modern managers better suited to today’s younger workers.

Call us for a discussion of these or any other problems you foresee in moving quickly to execute your strategy.


Last updated May 23, 2021