Our Services

Look Beyond the Packaging

While wine bottles look very similar, what goes into each one makes a world of difference. There is a parallel with management consulting.

There are three key reasons why our services are so effective.

1.  We customize our approach to every client’s unique goals and situation. There is no “one best way” – every organization will get more benefit from a solution designed for them.

2.  We intentionally organize every strategy around the client’s business model. That automatically aligns target markets, customers, key business processes, organizational structure and responsibilities with little need for re-organization. This accelerates implementation, and also makes strategies last much longer before major changes are required. Few consultants are aware of this subtle but powerful insight. We’ve been doing this since 1999.

3.  We’re relentless about continuous improvement in our methods. That’s why so many of our clients ask us to help them refine and update their strategies. Each time, we bring new ideas and new value because our methods never stand still. When you stop learning and changing, you’ve set your own limitations. That applies equally to us and our clients.

While facilitation is a significant part of our services, most of our clients want much more than a well-run meeting. They seek genuine turning points – those moments in time you look back on as the beginning of a new era in the life of your organization.

Our client-centred approach has helped boards and executive teams create turning points for their organizations in assignments with all of the following focuses.

Visioning and Strategic Planning

  • Integrated strategic plans
  • Vision statements
  • Directional strategies
  • Strategic plan reviews
  • Community strategies
  • Strategic plan updates

Functional and Business Unit Strategic Plans

  • Division and Business Unit strategic plans
  • Marketing strategies
  • Product strategies
  • Manufacturing strategies
  • Technology and IT strategies
  • HR strategies
  • Start-up strategies
  • Right-sizing strategies
  • Fund disbursement strategies

Business Planning

  • Business plans
  • Department plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Implementation plans
  • Personal performance plans

Supporting Services

  • Organization design
  • Organizational analysis
  • Board development and governance
  • Values or climate goals
  • Management conflict
  • Employee involvement

Last updated March 30, 2013