Our Business

Fishbone Diagram Photo

A Fishbone Diagram used to help a large corporate client identify and align internal support for a major strategic change

Getting clients from “plan” to “payoff” as quickly as possible

We are management consultants who specialize in helping executive teams and boards to reach clear strategic decisions, build enthusiastic support for them, and accelerate implementation to get from “plan” to “payoff” as quickly as possible.

We’ve helped more than 175 client organizations on more than 700 assignments since 1987.  Many of our clients say our work with them was a major turning point in the lives of their organizations.  That is the kind of impact we aspire to create.

All our clients face strategic decisions that will shape their future. Whether you’re planning to accelerate your success, grappling with organizational effectiveness, or fighting for survival, we can help you to maximize your return on strategic planning.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation

We can develop the right solution for the challenges you face. Contact us to discuss your organization’s situation and needs, and we’ll propose an approach to fit the scale and scope of your organization and its challenges.  We do not charge for initial consultations if you don’t accept our proposal.

Last updated May 24, 2021